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What is an MT blended course?

Our MT Blended learning course takes the best aspects of our standard course and mixes that with the best aspects of an online self-study course. They are two thirds face to face with a real teacher and one third self-study with a virtual teacher. The aim of the course is to maximise efficiency and learning while at the same time reducing the cost of the course and your weekly fixed time commitment.

How is this achieved?

A standard course is normally 3 hour per week with a teacher. With the blended course one hour a week is done with a virtual teacher while the other two hours are done with a real teacher.

What does the virtual teacher do?

The virtual teacher works with you on the course activities that do not really require a real teacher. Reading, listening and vocabulary activities which, in a normal class, would be ‘wasted time’ as they are activities in which the teacher has quite a passive roll. The teacher sets the activity, the teacher watches the students complete the activity, the teacher goes through the answers for the activity. This can easily be done with a virtual teacher without the student learning any less than they would in a normal class.

What does the real teacher do?

In class the real teacher will focus on the grammar explanations and interactive speaking activities to practice the grammar and vocabulary that the students are learning as well as going through any questions or doubts that the students may have related to the online part of the course. As a lot of the reading and listening activities, which are usually very time consuming, will have been done on-line before the class, the teacher will have a lot more time to focus on really practicing the language.

What are the advantages of our blended courses?

  • During the classes the teacher can focus on more fun and dynamic interactive activities making the class experience more enriching and more enjoyable for the students
  • The real classes are 1 hour each instead of 1.5 hours meaning that students can concentrate more fully throughout the whole class (1.5 hours can be a long time for a person to maintain full concentration)
  • It is easier to fit the classes into your already busy schedule and the online part of the course can be done whenever the student has a free moment
  • Each student can do the reading and listening exercise in the virtual class at their own pace. Sometimes students feel a lot of pressure if everyone else in the class has finished and they haven’t.
  • As part of the course is taught by a virtual teacher it is significantly cheaper than a standard course.

What are the disadvantages of our blended courses?

Really the only disadvantage is that the student needs to be good at finding the time to do the self-study part of the course. Obviously, the course only works of students do the whole course and if a student views the self-study part of the course as an optional extra, they will miss a large section of the content of the course.

Students who require the presence of a teacher to ‘force’ them to do the work would be better off doing a standard course.

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