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Our team of English teachers for the 2021-2022 course!


We are very pleased to present our team of English teachers for the 2021-2022 course!


These teachers will be working in our Cerdanyola and Ripollet academies. Our aim is that our teachers give fun and dynamic English classes and that our students enjoy studying and learning English with us. As every year, we will work hard with our teachers to continuously train them in our method of teaching and make them the best teachers that they can be.

Our team of English teachers in Cerdanyola
Profesores de inglés en Ripollet
Our team of English teachers in Ripollet

Enrolments open for MTFLIX

Casal de verano en inglés

This summer we will run our popular weekly film summer camp in English again in our MT Idiomes Ripollet English academy and our MT Idiomes Cerdanyola English academy!


Each week we work together to invent the plot of the film, write the script and then we go out and film it. At the end of the week we send the finished film to each family so that each kid has a lasting memory of what they have achieved in English and they can show off their short film to the rest of their family and friends.


It is a fun and dynamic activity in English aimed at kids from 9 to 13 years old. These aren’t English classes. We won’t spend time studying vocabulary and grammar, although they will learn new words and structures through the creation of the film script and when they study their lines. The objective is to create an engaging environment where kids actually want to put into the practice the English that they have been studying in the classroom.


If you would like more information about prices and timetables, please click here.


You can also contact us or visit our Cerdanyola or Ripollet English language academy.

See you online!

We are temporarily suspending face-to-face classes at our schools, but the courses will continue online.

New measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 have just been announced by the authorities. These measures clearly affect extra-curricular activities and so we find ourselves with no choice but to temporarily suspend face-to-face classes at our schools. But that doesn’t mean that our courses have to stop.

We will be in touch with the families as soon as possible to explain how the online course works. 

Back to class!

Volvemos a las aulas

Volvemos a las aulas


From Monday 23 November, we’re back to face-to-face classes at all the schools in Catalonia /at our school.

The official publication of the DOGC (Catalonian Government Press Release) for the De-escalation Plan, confirms the return to face-to-face classes in groups with a maximum of 6 students.

The De-escalation plan presented by the authorities consists of 4 progressive phases and it will be extended, renewed or reviewed every two weeks, depending on how the pandemic evolves.

Enrolment open – 2020 course!

We are happy to announce that the enrolment period for our 2020-2021 English courses is now open. In these uncertain times it is important to invest in yourself and learning English is a great way to improve your curriculum and make you a more valuable asset to your current/future employer.

Studying English is not like other hobbies. Learning a new language helps you to grow as a person. It allows you to communicate with more people internationally. It gives you new perspectives on life and a deeper understanding of different cultures.


It is possible that the 2020-2021 course  will be affected by government regulations regarding new Covid-19 outbreaks. We are ready for all eventualities. We have already been running our English courses online for the last 3 months and we are very happy with the results. In general the experience has been very positive for students and teacher. Teachers have reported students being very engaged in the classes and the progress of learning has been very similar to that in the classroom. So, in the worst case scenario, we will be able to continue offering you top quality English classes throughout the whole course.


What are you waiting for?


Sign up now to one of our great English courses and start your road to improvement!

Mock First Certificate exam 2020

FCE Mock exam

FCE Mock exam

This weekend about 80 of our students have tested their level of English by taking our Mock FCE exam. This year we ran 8 different sessions over 2 days in both our Cerdanyola and our Ripollet academy.


The First certificate exam is an official exam organised by Cambridge to prove that you have a B2 level. It is the most internationally recognised exam for this level partly because of its history but largely because of how demanding it is. Over the course of 4 hours students have to complete 4 sections testing their abilities in speaking, reading, listening and understanding of the grammatical structures of the language. Passing this exam allows students to enrol in certain University courses, enrol on study abroad programs such as the Erasmus program or other grants, like the one offered by the Fundación Amancio Ortega, which has been granted to two of our students for the course 2020-2021.It also makes their CV more appealing to potential employees and shows a future employee that they can operate in an all English environment.


We carry out the First certificate mock exam now in February to give our students practice for the real exam and an idea of how ready they are to sit for the official FCE exam at the end of the English courses in June.

Exams Catalunya – 7th Annual Conference

Exams Catalunya Conference 2019

Once again we attended the annual Exams Catalunya conference.

It is a special day organised by Exams Catalunya for English teacher in the Barcelona area. The aim of the conference is to give English teachers new ideas and strategies to improve their classes as well as trainings on the latest trends in English language teaching.
The conference covers a wide range of topics including; Enhancing your classroom with drama, Everyone has a story to tell, vocabulary revision games.
This year we took 6 of our English teachers in total, 3 teachers from our Cerdanyola academy and 3 teachers from our Ripollet academy.

We are also pleased to inform you that Mireia Lopez, one of our most experience coordinators, and Anna Barrett, one of our most experienced teachers were actually invited to run one of the workshops called ‘Everyone has a story to tell’. The feedback from their workshop has been extremely positive. Well done!

Exam Ceremony 2019

Exam ceremony

This summer a record number of 68 of our students sat for an Official English Cambridge Exam . Most of them sat for the First Certificate exam – FCE, but we also had a large percentage who sat for the Advanced exam – CAE and a few who sat for the PET and the Proficiency Exams.

We are very pleased to announce that more than 87% of our students who sat for these exams passed!

While studying English is not about passing Exams it is becoming increasingly important for students to be able to demonstrate their level of English to be allowed to enrol on certain University courses or to be invited for a job interview. Therefore, having the First Certificate or the Advanced certificate opens many doors and in some ways gives our students a brighter future and this makes us very proud.

Once again, congratulations to all of our students who, having studied English with us for so many years, can now proudly show that they have achieved the PET, the First Certificate – FCE, the Advanced Certificate – CAE and the Proficiency Certificate – CPE. Well done!