MT Idiomes Pedagogical Department

JTA team

Our Pedagogical Department strives to guarantee:

That the courses are taught to the best possible standard:

Ongoing training

Organising and carrying out weekly teacher training sessions.

Giving teachers feedback

Regularly observing teachers classes and giving them feedback.

Feedback from students

Obtaining feedback directly from students by maintaining close contact with students and families.

Excellent student follow up and feedback:

Meetings with teachers

Organising regular meetings with teachers to check if there are any students who are having difficulties.

Meetings with parents

Organising regular meeting with parents to ensure parents are aware of any difficulties their kids are having.

Termly reports

Reading and double checking each of the termly reports sent to each of the students to ensure the quality of the report as well as to know each student in detail.

More than just English teachers

Our English teachers are excellent because they:

Selection process

Go through a rigorous selection process ensuring that we only select the best teachers.

Initial training

Receive an initial training when they start that ensures that they understand how to apply the APL method of teaching.

Regular ongoing training

Receive weekly training sessions ensuring that they are continuously improving and evolving.

Regular class observations

Are subjected to regular class observations and feedback sessions to ensure that they are implementing the APL method correctly and their classes are engaging.

When we select an English teacher we focus on finding:

Motivating and dynamic English teachers

Attitude: We look for English teachers who are engaging, fun, dynamic and friendly as well as being highly professional

Teachers with experience

Aptitudes: How much teaching experience they have. Which teacher training courses and workshops they have attended.

Cerdanyola teachers

Cerdanyla teachers

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