English courses for Juniors, Teens and Adults

Our Standard English classes for Juniors, Teens and Adults in Ripollet and Cerdanyola are focused on improving all aspects of your ability to use and understand English following our specially created APL method:

English courses
for Juniors, Teens and Adults

APL method - Active Practice Learning

The five key aspects of the APL method:

Fun practice focused English classes

We follow a course book to give the course a structure but the emphasis of our teacher training programme is on including dynamic oral communication activities and games which focus on using and practicing the target language in a fun way. Students who are having fun are students who are learning.

Extensive teacher training program

Our teachers receive continual training in the APL method and their classes are regularly observed to ensure that the method is correctly being implemented

Oral skill focused

  • 100% in English in class and outside of class – Complete linguistic immersion
  • An emphasis on speaking activities to improve fluency and boost student’s confidence. Using the language in a practical way helps students learn and retain more.

Small groups (Max 8)

Each student has plenty of time to practice speaking English and the teacher can help and correct each student

Continual progress checks with quantitative and qualitative feedback

Students and parents are aware of their progress at each stage of the course and we can quickly detect students who are under or over performing and implement an action plan to resolve the problem

“You can study the theory but learning how you use a language requires practice, practice, practice.”