Course Calendar 2022 - 2023

12th September 2022: Courses start

1st of October 2022: Mousy, Linda and Sam courses start


12th September: Start of course

1st of October: Start of courses - Mousy, Linda, Sam

9th January: Start of second trimester

1st April: Start of re-enrolment period

11th April: Start of third trimester

2nd May: Start of new enrolment period

22nd June: Last day of the course

26th June to 28th July: Summer intensives and MT FLIX

26th June to 21st July: Summer intensives






11th September: Public holiday

26th September: Local holiday in Ripollet

12th October: Public holiday

1st November: Public holiday

11th November: Local holiday in Cerdanyola

6th of December: Public holiday

8th of December: Public holiday

22nd December to 8th January: Christmas holidays

3rd April to 10th April: Easter holidays

1st May: Public holiday

8th May: Local holiday in Cerdanyola

29th May: Local holiday in Ripollet

31st July to 23rd August: Summer holidays