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We will prepare you so that you have all of the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the Cambridge official exams – First Certificate (FCE) – Advanced (CAE) – Proficiency (CPE). We have more than 10 years of experience in successfully preparing students for the First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency Cambridge exams..

Our success is based on:


Well planned classes with highly experienced teachers.

Dynamic and practical

A dynamic and practical approach to reviewing the grammar and vocabulary re-quired for the exam while practicing exam techniques.

Follow up

A close follow up of our students progress through regular mini tests.

Real exam practice

Real exam practice throughout the course.

Mock exam

A full mock exam mid-course to ensure that students who enroll in the official exam will pass.

This exam certifies that you have the B2 level. Many employers request this level and it is a requirement for more and more university courses. Obtaining this level in English opens many doors.

This exam certifies that you have the C1 level. As more and more people are achieving the B2 level taking the Advanced exam is a great way to stand out from the crowd and significantly improves your job prospects.

This exam certifies that you have a C2 level which is equivalent to a native speaker of the language.

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