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MT Idiomes Pedagogical Department

What do we do to ensure that our courses are top quality?

Standard courses

What method do we use to ensure that our classes are engaging and stimulating?

Speaking courses

How do we ensure that each class covers a different topic while only focusing on oral communication?

Official exam

Which official Exams do we prepare our students for and how do we ensure their success?

Summer intensives

What options do we offer to allow our students to advance more quickly in the summer?

MTFlLX – Summer cinema workshop

What fun and dynamic English activities can young teens do with us in the summer?

Real English – Activities and courses

Apart from our courses what extra activities can you do to get real world experience in English?

In company courses

What English courses and services do we offer for companies?

Language schools in Ripollet and Cerdanyola del Vallès

MT Idiomes is an English language academy based in Ripollet and Cerdanyola. It was founded in 2005 with the objective of offering high quality English courses. As an English language centre we stand out for three reasons:


Our heads of studies in each centre work continuously to ensure that they are aware of how each student is doing and that students and parents receive regular updates regarding any issues that may arise and how they are being resolved.

Excellent teachers

We select the best teachers and then we invest time and money in training them in our particular method ensuring that the English classes in our academies are top quality, engaging and dynamic.

Innovation and quality

Our pedagogical department develop innovative class material, impart weekly teacher training sessions and carry out regular class observations to ensure that the English classes in our academies are being taught to the best standard

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