Exam Ceremony 2019

This summer a record number of 68 of our students sat for an Official English Cambridge Exam . Most of them sat for the First Certificate exam – FCE, but we also had a large percentage who sat for the Advanced exam – CAE and a few who sat for the PET and the Proficiency Exams.

We are very pleased to announce that more than 87% of our students who sat for these exams passed!

While studying English is not about passing Exams it is becoming increasingly important for students to be able to demonstrate their level of English to be allowed to enrol on certain University courses or to be invited for a job interview. Therefore, having the First Certificate or the Advanced certificate opens many doors and in some ways gives our students a brighter future and this makes us very proud.

Once again, congratulations to all of our students who, having studied English with us for so many years, can now proudly show that they have achieved the PET, the First Certificate – FCE, the Advanced Certificate – CAE and the Proficiency Certificate – CPE. Well done!