International House Conference

On the 9th of February our pedagogical team along with some of our teachers attended the most prestigious conference for English Language Teachers in Barcelona and probably in Europe. The International House conference is an English language teaching conference for teachers, managers and teacher trainers and it is a great way for our team to keep in touch with the latest trends and developments in the English language teaching world.

At the conference we attended seminars on topics such as:

  • How to teach writing in a dynamic way
  • How to motivate teenager
  • Using mobile technology for interactive tasks
  • Collaborative activities, techniques and tools to develop students’ productive skills


Obviously this conference is a great way of inspiring us and our teachers to aim at making our classes even better. We use the suggestions and the recommendations that we get from the experts in the field of English language teaching to prepare weekly trainings for the rest of our team of teachers. Thus ensuring that our whole team evolves and improves their teaching style over time.

Even if you are doing something well you can always do it better.

Thank you International House for another great and inspiring conference!